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We are currently working on dates for 2019 JGA Tour and are looking to start on or near July 17th.  Thank you for staying patient.  Stay tuned...



Boys & Girls to Men & Women

Beginners to Advanced

Tournaments, Golf Lessons, Club Fittings, Club Repair, & Golf Travel - Fun Trips!


JGA Tour:  (2) Divisions - 1. Beginner friendly! 2. Intermediate/Advanced

     EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS: 1.  $tba off Membership, Deadline tba - Discount Code: EBMEMBER

                                                   2.  50% off tournaments, Deadline 6 weeks before each event - Discount Code: 50OFF

                                                   3.  $10 off tournaments, Deadline 4 weeks before each event - Discount code: EARLYBIRD


JGA Golf Academy: All Skill Levels offered - 45min Lessons - Check out our FlightScope Launch Monitor & Free Fittings*

DISCOUNTS:  1. Series/Packages - Buy multiple lessons at one time.  2. Book online, pay in person


All tournament & golf lesson divisions are professionally managed, designed for fun, and are led by talented PGA Golf Professionals.  We know that everyone measures their enjoyment at different levels. Every year, the JGA Tour & JGA Golf Academy attracts a lot of golfers who want to improve.  We have the simplist approach for beginners and work with some of the most talented golfers in the region.  Quite a few are even nationally ranked.  The best camaraderie - play golf to meet other people!  Separate Competitive Divisions - sign up for the Beginner/FUNdamental or Intermediate/Advanced Division.  Not ready for competive golf?  Click on the above golf instruction link.  *Free fittings if you purchase the golf clubs from Greate Bay Country Club, Somers Point, NJ.

1. Beginner Friendly!

Beginners are always welcomed.  It's not all about the awards, it's about learning to play better golf and feeling more comfortable on the golf course.  Separate groups available by age & skill level.  For JGA Tour - To help beginners, we have a 9-hole "FUN"damental Division that allows caddies and players compete from modified distances. 10 is the max score, everyone in the Ages 6 to 9 gets a medal and we are lighter on the rules of golf for this division. 

2. For Intermediate to Advanced Golfers

We are here to develop golfers and players.  If you enjoy playing in organized events, you'll notice that the JGA Tour can get really competitive.  And, we hold tournaments at the best local golf courses.

Latest Results
JGA Tour @ Blue Heron 11/11 (All Skill Levels)
November 11
Boys 14-18
Bagot. C (+20)
Pursglove. T (+53)
Boys 10-13
Marcoon. C (+50)
Canino. L (+58)
Girls 14-18
Gutierrez. K (+8)
Cabinian. K (+11)
Mann. A (+15)
Girls 10-13
Ruzzo. I (+21)
Co-ed 10-13 'FUN'damental
Quinn. C (+21)
Foley. P (+22)
Co-ed 6-9 'FUN'damental
Melendez. T (+4)
Conner. D (+6)
Hoffman. G (+28)
JGA Tour @ Sea Oaks 11/4 (All Skill Levels)
November 4
Boys 14-18
Liding. C (+14)
Fabian. P (+20)
Siudmak Jr.. D (+20)
Boys 10-13
Reilly. P (+27)
Marcoon. C (+51)
Girls 14-18
Kent. M (+19)
Patten. B (+40)
Girls 10-13
Paulette. E (+24)
Klements. G (+22)
Co-ed 6-9 'FUN'damental
Melendez. T (+1)
Conner. D (+4)
McGowan. J (+16)
JGA Tour @ Greate Bay 10/21 (All Skill Levels)
October 21
Boys 14-18
Fabian. P (+13)
Stanton. T (+25)
Siudmak Jr.. D (+28)
Boys 10-13
Marshall. T (+29)
Girls 14-18
Clifford. K (+14)
Cabinian. K (+25)
Kent. M (+30)
Co-ed 10-13 'FUN'damental
Tran. T (+38)
Co-ed 6-9 'FUN'damental
Conner. D (+3)
Conner. B (+14)
McGowan. J (+16)