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Looking for a fun new way to challenge yourself? Want to enroll your kid in lessons that will help them improve in all areas of life? Come to JGA Golf Academy in Somers Point, Egg Harbor Township and Mt. Laurel, NJ to enroll in lessons taught by a professional instructor. In addition to lessons for both youth and adults, we also offer personalized golf club fittings and college recruiting services.

Why take up golf?

The game of golf offers many benefits to youth and adult players alike. Some of the benefits include:

Socialization: Both kids and adults will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded golf students. You’ll connect over shared hobbies and develop lasting friendships.
Fitness: When playing a full 18 holes, you can walk 3-4 miles or more if you skip the golf cart. Performing long drives also calls on your muscles and helps you improve fitness and build endurance.
Focus: Golf is never as simple as walking up to the ball with your club and hitting it in the direction of the hole. You’ll have to choose the correct club and factor in elements like wind and course obstacles. You’ll learn to block out distractions and concentrate on the task in front of you.
Fun: There’s something inherently fun about the challenge of a game, whether you’re competing against yourself or other players. And while you’re having fun, our experienced instructor will help you polish your techniques to improve your game.

Get in touch with the professional team at JGA Golf Academy today to inquire about lessons, tournaments or our college recruiting services.

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